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The Issues As I See Them

Stand on Principle.  Stand with Dan.

Restore Property Rights

Key Policy

The basis of all just law is the right to own, use, improve, and defend one's own person and property.  This is your right as a human being, and no one of any status can take that right away from you by elevating themselves above you by any means at all.  We have seen ordinance after ordinance passed that seeks to do that very thing, because the individuals on the current Council have asserted that their aesthetic values are higher than your rights as an individual.  They have sought to impose their ideas of how you should run your lives, and they have made it a criminal offense to resist.  I intend to first make efforts with the rest of Council to decriminalize victimless crimes, and secondly to focus on repealing laws that strip individuals of their natural rights.  We need thoughtful and just laws that protect individuals and families from violators.

Trim the Budget

The Stakes are High

Government, as an entity, is by nature one that expands as far as we let it.  We have a budget for the Town of Irmo of over 6 million dollars.  I believe there are sensible and practical ways to deliver effective government, while doing a better job, by focusing on what government is intended to do, which is to protect the rights of the People from infringement.  This means keeping hands out of your pockets and it means realigning the focus of law enforcement back to doing actual police work, instead of wasting tax dollars and man-power chasing offenders for made-up crimes.  The best way to cut spending is to cut the needed man-hours for law enforcement.  The way to do that, is to get rid of laws that invent crimes with no victims.  I support Law Enforcement and I am committed to making the jobs our officers do more effective, by helping them focus on putting a stop to actual crimes such as the rampant car thefts and break-ins.  Measuring grass and writing excessive amounts of abatement notices are a distraction from that mission.

Sense and Sensibility

Civil, Common Sense Approach

One of the most often repeated complaint about the current administration in Irmo is the over-the-top drama in nearly every Council meeting.  Issues can be emotionally charged, and I understand that, but there is absolutely no excuse for the lack of civil and thoughtful (not to mention concise) discourse from our leaders.  Not only will I hold myself accountable to a higher standard of conduct, but I will insist on consistent focus toward objectively seeking out solutions to problems in a productive and sensible manner.